Final Reports / Powerpoints

The workshop agenda for 31 January – 1 February can be found here.

  • The Workshop Report is available here as a PDF document.
  • The full Minutes of the meeting are available here as a PDF document.

Powerpoint presentations from the workshop speakers are now available online.

Four background papers were prepared in advance of the meeting:

  • Background Paper #1: “Sustainable Consumption and Production” (PDF 888 kb)- This paper presents the concept of sustainable consumption and production as a holistic and systemic lens through which to address the root causes of unsustainability.
  • Background Paper #2: “Green Building Key Topics” (PDF 184 kb)- This paper explores three topics of mutual interest that will be discussed at the workshop: Financial structures; building construction products and life cycle approach; and building performance.
  • Background Paper #3: “Existing Canada – U.S. Collaboration on Green Building” (PDF 324 kb) – This document provides an overview of: existing Canada -U.S. efforts on green building; parallel mandates for greening federal building stock; and a key international green building initiative.  It also includes a summary of these efforts, mandates and initiatives.  The intent of this report is to inform dialogue, stimulate conversation, and discuss next steps for Canada – U.S. cooperaton in green building.
  • Background Paper #4: “UNEP Background Paper on International Processes on Sustainable Consumption and Production” (PDF 123 kb) – This paper presents the Marrakech Process on Sustainable Consumption and the establishment of an informal global multi-stakeholder platform to support the development of a 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP), as well as regional and international initiatives linked to this process.

Participants also reviewed the report from the first North American Workshop on SCP:

  • Recommendations from the November 2008 Co-Chairs Summary of the North American Workshop on SCP in Washington DC. Also, the summary of the 2008 meeting.

Additional readings and resources for the workshop can be accessed here.